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AI-driven Innovation.

From bespoke product development to connecting you with the industry's top talent, we're your tech partner for success.

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Build two-way relationships with your customers.

Stay ahead of the curve with artificial intelligence solutions that turn every conversation into an opportunity to sell, upscale and grow your business.

Powered by OpenAI GPT-4’s advanced language model

We will develop a fully customizable and highly-scalable AI framework that
meets your business’ specific needs.

What can Lucy do?

Hi, welcome back!
She remembers likes and user preferences.

Catering globally and

Immediate payments
Secure payments via

Always available
Support around the clock, 24/7/365.

Available on WhatsApp and Telegram.

High precision and response
Maximum 10 seconds delay between messages.

Lucy for Cinemas

Users can pick their favorite
schedule, theater location, seats and more.

Movie recommendations
based on booking history and user preferences.

Boost ticket sales
by providing a friendly and seamless booking process.

Lucy for Fintech

Know your customer
target, onboard, and identify users' identities.

Smart card support
report, block, freeze or request a new card.

Handle multiple queries
reduce waitlines and increase customer satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

The completed solution successfully met specifications, with minimal issues requiring follow-up attention. SunDevs’ adherence to milestones, efficient problem-solving process, and reliable internal management ensured a functional product.

Director | Leapfactor

Customer purchase tickets increased by 14% and warehouse visits increased by 50% compared to similar warehouses. In addition, sales of in-stock consumables increased by 20%. A proactive team, SunDevs transformed goals into a reality by offering knowledge-backed suggestions.

Innovation Manager | GRUPO EXITO

We develop mobile apps for three main clients, and SunDevs provides us with talent to work with us on these projects. The technologies we’ve used include Angular, Android, AQA, and occasionally Python. They are very dynamic and proactive, and they always bring an added value to their services.

CTO | Bitgray Labs

As a long-term partner, SunDevs Inc has developed every mobile app we’ve ever needed for both internal and external use. They developed iOS and Android versions of each application. With the help of SunDevs Inc, we always achieve what we set out to do. Every app they deliver meets all of our requirements and expectations.

CTO | Lotini

Our Certifications

Find and Hire
Highly-Qualified Tech Talent

Our recruitment model is the leading method to build your workforce with top IT talent in Latin America. Same time zone, culturally aligned, and ready to work.


Benefits of Recruiting Tech Talent through SunDevs:



Know your customer
We help you to find the right talent at the right time.

You’ll gain access to a vast pool of highly-qualified developers, culturally aligned and ready to work in your time zone.


Hassle Free Interview Process
We’ll take care of preselecting candidates, check their experience, skills, aspirations and requirements. Our team of IT Recruiters will handle the initial interviews and conduct skill tests based on the job description.


Brief but Precise
You will meet the top candidates for a final round of interviews to ensure cultural fit.
Once you pick the best match, we'll take care of all the paperwork and legal duties.


Continued Support
Our Development Care Manager will ensure both the employer and employees are happy during the engagement, allowing for better retention rates and overall performance.

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