Revolutionize Your E-commerce with AI-Powered Customer Engagement

Enhance customer satisfaction, reduce cart abandonment, and deliver personalized shopping experiences with SunDevs AI Conversational Platform

Explore the Benefits We Offer for E-Commerce

Discover how our AI Conversational Platform can address your key challenges and elevate the shopping experience.

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Offer Round-the-Clock Assistance

Ensure your customers receive instant support anytime they need it. AI-driven virtual assistants handle common queries and guide customers through their shopping journey, enhancing satisfaction.


Minimize Lost Sales

Engage customers during the checkout process with proactive assistance. Address concerns and provide the necessary information to reduce cart abandonment rates and boost conversions.


Tailor Recommendations and Promotions

Leverage AI to analyze customer behavior and preferences. Offer personalized product recommendations and targeted promotions to increase engagement and drive sales

Receive Cash

Reduce Support Costs

Automate routine inquiries and tasks, reducing the need for a large customer support team. Free up resources to focus on strategic initiatives and complex customer issues


Enhance Order Tracking

Keep customers informed with real-time updates on order status, shipping, and delivery. Improve transparency and trust by providing accurate and timely information


Drive Repeat Purchases

Use AI-driven chatbots to engage customers with personalized follow-ups and reminders. Encourage repeat purchases and build long-term customer loyalty

Enterprise-grade AI Conversational Platform to support your E-Commerce business

Our platform is designed to elevate your eCommerce experience by providing robust solutions tailored to meet your business needs. We have extensive experience managing high volume websites and transactions, ensuring your business can scale seamlessly. Here’s how we make a difference:


GMV order volume processed 2023

Increase your sales with our powerful ecommerce solution

+ 7M

Orders processed 2023

Streamline your operations and manage your inventory effectively

+ 80M

Requests per week

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with our intuitive platform

Most common automation use cases for E-commerce

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Instant Order Status and Escalation via Virtual Assistant

Track and escalate orders quickly


Phone-Based User Identification for Seamless Assistance

Identify users by phone instantly


AI Virtual Assistant for Product and Service Queries

Answer product questions efficiently


24/7 Claim Support with AI Virtual Assistant

Round-the-clock claim assistance


Automated Order Status Updates via CRM Integration

Automate order updates via CRM


Automated Invoice Retrieval and Email Delivery

Email invoices automatically


Automated Billing Address Update via CRM Integration

Update billing info easily

Customer Support


Quick answers to common questions


Delivery Status

Track deliveries via virtual assistant



Simplify returns and label generation

Ready to Transform Your E-commerce Experience?

Integrate SunDevs AI Conversational Platform to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and boost sales.


Find answers to common questions about our AI integration with HubSpot.

What experience do we have in ecommerce?

We have over 10 years of experience in the sector, developing custom solutions with a strong focus on e-commerce websites and apps for restaurants and theaters.

What its Lucy?

It’s a modular AI-powered communication platform (LLM) that can be deployed across major messaging channels to enhance customer experience (CX), increase sales, and reduce support costs.

What is the main objective of Lucy?

Connect brands and customers, boost sales, enhance user experience, and optimize support levels.

What is the average implementation time?

Implementing an assistant through a text messaging channel can take between 2 to 3 months, depending on the complexity of the use cases and integrations to be performed.

What is the pricing model?

Each POC (Proof of Concept) holds different value depending on the scope, considering the integrations, number of flows, and modules required. Typically, pricing is divided into three parts.
The first part is the cost of the POC, which is a one-time payment with available payment options.
The second part is the monthly maintenance fee, enabling us to provide first-level support to the client.
Lastly, there are variable platform costs, like ChatGPT, Meta, etc., which are fully transparent to the client.

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