Transform Customer and Agent Interactions with AI

Support your customers and agents with a Powerful Conversational AI Platform, delivering seamless, human-like interactions across phone, chat, and  messaging channels.


Why Choose SunDevs AI Conversational Platform?

Our AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots are designed to enhance customer and agent experiences, driving efficiency and satisfaction

Reduce Call Volumes

SunDevs AI Conversational Platform handles routine inquiries, freeing up agents to focus on complex issues. This reduces call volumes and wait times, ensuring faster support and higher customer satisfaction.

Streamline Interactions

Our AI chatbots provide consistent and efficient responses across all channels, optimizing interaction management and enhancing customer experience.

Seamless Integration

Our AI Conversational Platform integrates effortlessly with your existing systems such as CRM or POS, allowing for a smooth transition and immediate benefits without disrupting your operations.

Boost Engagement

Engage customers with personalized, human-like interactions. SunDevs AI enhances engagement and retention by providing tailored support and proactive assistance.

Cut Costs

Automate routine tasks and optimize workflows with SunDevs AI Conversational Platform. Reduce operational costs while maintaining high service levels and increasing overall efficiency.

With SunDevs, we’ve built a top-tier digital ordering experience for Cafe Rio. Our website, mobile app and Kiosks are now incredibly fast, and we can test and implement new technologies in weeks rather than months, giving us unparalleled agility and flexibility.

Todd Paladini

Chief Technology Officer

Use Cases

Explore our use cases to see how AI can deliver real value to your business.

Discover how our platform helps leading brands across industries optimize customer and agent interactions, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency through AI-powered automation.

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How it Works

AI at the Core: Powering Next-Generation Solutions

Dive into the heart of our innovation—AI is not just a part of our solutions; it's the driving force. At SunDevs, we utilize advanced artificial intelligence to enhance decision-making, automate complex processes, and deliver personalized customer experiences.


Omnichannel Communication.

Our multi-platform communication enables seamless interactions across preferred channels—be it Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, or others—making each exchange more friendly, convenient, and efficient.

Overstock Sale


Manage your sales cycle and personalize your customer's experience.

Technical Support


Have a 24x7 available agent to address your customer's needs.


Drive Innovation and Growth

Generate campaigns to start conversations with your customers; you'll be able to manage and have a 360-degree view of each one.

Works with everything you already use

Don't see your integration? We'll build it for you.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our AI platform

What its Lucy?

It´s a Modular AI-powered Communication Platform (LLM) that can be deployed across major messaging channels to enhance customer experience (CX), increase sales, and reduce support costs.

What is the main objective of Lucy?

Connect brands and customers, boosting sales, enhancing user experience, and optimizing support levels.

What is the average implementation time?

In the case of implementing an assistant through a text messaging channel, it can take between 2 to 3 months depending on the complexity of the use cases and integrations to be performed.

What is the pricing model?

Each POC (Proof of Concept) has a different value because it depends on the scope, taking into account the integrations to be made as well as the number of flows to consider and the modules to use. Generally, the pricing is divided into three parts. The first is the cost of the POC, which is a one-time payment and for which there are payment options available. The second is the monthly maintenance fee, which allows us to provide first-level support to the client. Lastly, there are variable platform costs, such as ChatGPT, Meta, etc., and these are completely transparent to the client.

What is the difference between Lucy and a chatbot?

A chatbot typically follows scripted responses for specific tasks, while Lucy is a modular communication platform that employs advanced algorithms, natural language processing, and machine learning to provide personalized and dynamic assistance across a broader range of functions.

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