Revolutionizing the Digital Food Ordering Experience

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The COVID-19 pandemic transformed industries worldwide, and the restaurant sector was no exception. As the US grappled with the crisis, there was a noticeable surge in consumer preference for digital ordering. This shift necessitated restaurants to reimagine their approach to customer engagement. Among those at the forefront of this adaptation was Cafe Rio, a well-established chain restaurant. Recognizing the imperative need for an elevated digital presence, Cafe Rio partnered with SunDevs. Together, they embarked on a journey to reinvent the brand's online ordering channels, setting a new standard for digital customer interactions in the process.

The Challenge

Historically, chain restaurants, including Cafe Rio, often leaned on white label solutions from third-party vendors for their digital ordering capabilities. While these off-the-shelf platforms offered convenience, they were generic and lacked the personal touch vital for brands that wanted to stand out. Cafe Rio envisioned a unique online ordering experience – one that wasn't just another template but was tailored to reflect their brand identity and, in turn, drive profitability. This aspiration led them to SunDevs, seeking a transition from the ubiquitous white label to a custom-built digital platform that would harmonize perfectly with their distinctive needs.

The Approach

Addressing Cafe Rio's challenge called for expertise and a hands-on approach. In response, SunDevs orchestrated a dedicated product team – the 'Product Trio'. This dynamic trio consisted of a Senior Product Manager, a Senior Product Designer, and a Technical Lead, each bringing a wealth of knowledge in the US restaurant landscape, digital product innovation, and e-commerce.

Engaging closely with Cafe Rio, the Product Trio embarked on in-depth product discovery sessions. These sessions were pivotal in capturing the nuances of Cafe Rio's distinctive challenges and aspirations. Through rigorous consultations, they not only familiarized themselves with the restaurant's idiosyncratic needs but also identified the pivotal components for success.

Armed with these insights, the Product Trio meticulously crafted a roadmap. This blueprint charted the journey towards realizing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Cafe Rio's revamped website and mobile application.


The Results

In the wake of Audi's strategic collaboration with SunDevs and the innovative digital tools they introduced, the International Motor Show witnessed remarkable outcomes. These results underscore the power of digital engagement in capturing the attention of potential buyers and generating significant interest in Audi's showcased vehicles.

SunDevs and Cafe Rio's alliance bore fruit in the form of a state-of-the-art website, intuitive mobile applications, and a streamlined standalone kiosk. All these not only elevated the digital ordering experience but were also seamlessly integrated with Cafe Rio's pre-existing systems, fostering a unified ecosystem.

From White Label to Custom-built Platform: SunDevs crafted a specialized e-commerce website for Cafe Rio, steering away from the generic white label solution. This newly launched platform garnered widespread appreciation, with favorable customer reviews and a substantial influx of orders.

The Power of Mobile: The alliance birthed a native mobile app, conceptualized and developed in close collaboration. This app quickly evolved into Cafe Rio's premier digital ordering channel. By the end of 2022, the app had recorded 1.2 million orders, generating $27.64 million in net sales.

Enhancing Curbside Pickup: The FlyBuy curbside pickup feature, integrated within the mobile app, added another dimension to the digital experience. This feature alone processed 126,000 orders, resulting in $2.86 million in net sales.

Self-Ordering Kiosk: With a view to further enhance in-store user experience, SunDevs designed self-ordering kiosks. These kiosks not only expedited order placements but also registered 116,000 orders, totaling $2.06 million in net sales.

Embracing Experimentation: The partnership's success didn't stop at deployment. SunDevs, equipped with user insights and analytics, embarked on a journey of continuous improvement. Experimentation became the cornerstone of their strategy, ensuring the products remained relevant and cutting-edge.

A Flourishing Partnership: Beyond individual projects, the alliance between SunDevs and Cafe Rio stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. With a shared vision and commitment, they continue to set new benchmarks, with more milestones anticipated in the future.

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