Fluent Ordering Platform Integration for Vista

SunDevs' ordering platform simplifies Vista Connect integration, saving you time and resources.

Prebuilt connector for Vista connect

The next Vista Connect features are supported by the integration

Ticket and Concessions Purchases: Buy tickets, concessions and select seats

Manage bookings: Search, refund, mark as collected, and convert an unpaid booking to a paid booking.

Payment and Checkout: Process payments and complete checkout.

Vouchers & Gift Cards: Redeem vouchers and gift cards.

Manage Loyalty: Register loyalty accounts, manage members, purchase rewards, collect ratings, and use points.

Promotions and Deals: Apply promotions and special offers.

Vista API Integration for Cinemas

Accelerate the future of your cinema technology with a powerful ordering platform

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Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with your current systems like POS, CRM, loyalty, and payment gateways, saving time and reducing costs.

Accelerating Time to Market

Quickly deploy new features and adapt to market demands, staying ahead of competitors and capturing more revenue opportunities.

MACH Architecture

Benefit from microservices, API-first, cloud-native, and headless technology for ultimate flexibility and scalability.

Enterprise-grade ordering platform to support your cinema digital business

Our platform is designed to elevate your eCommerce experience by providing robust solutions tailored to meet your business needs. We have extensive experience managing high volume websites and transactions, ensuring your business can scale seamlessly. Here’s how we make a difference:


GMV order volume processed 2023

Increase your sales with our powerful ecommerce solution

+ 7M

Orders processed 2023

Streamline your operations and manage your inventory effectively

+ 80M

Requests per week

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with our intuitive platform

Learn how SunDevs' ordering platform can help you increase orders, streamline operations and enhance your moviegoers experience

Learn how SunDevs' Composable Commerce Platform can help you increase orders, streamline operations and enhance your customer experience

Integrating SunDevs' ordering platform with Vista has been transformative for Cinemark LATAM. The implementation was swift, and the real-time order status updates across the entire order journey have significantly improved our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Gilberto Meléndez

VISTA Technical Lead, Cinemark

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