Audi's Triumph in Digital Sales with SunDevs

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In this engagement, Audi reinforced its trust in innovation by choosing SunDevs as their software service provider for the second time. This renewed collaboration was initiated in light of the much-anticipated launch of their latest Q3 line. 

In a groundbreaking move for the automobile industry, Audi chose to debut this range in a fully online environment, turning away from traditional launch events. The shift required the synergistic pairing of SunDevs' technological expertise with Audi's visionary approach to vehicle marketing. 

The result was a remarkable event that harnessed the power of digital media campaigns, ensuring that the new Q3 line captured attention across various online platforms and reached its desired audience efficiently.

The Challenge

For any online vehicle transaction, the payment gateway is a pivotal element. The challenge was to design and integrate an efficient payment system that ensured smooth and secure transactions for customers reserving their vehicles. It was crucial to eliminate any potential bottlenecks and ensure a seamless user experience, especially given the premium clientele of Audi.

With the digitalization of vehicle showcases, the role of sales reps evolved. They were no longer interacting face-to-face only, but required tools and strategies to engage potential clients in a virtual space, too. The challenge here was to develop a system that allowed advisors to approach and engage with new clients in the shortest possible time, ensuring that no sales opportunity was missed and that clients received immediate, personalized attention.

The Approach

Recognizing the ubiquity of mobile devices and the modern user's preference for on-the-go accessibility, a web application was developed with a responsive design to ensure optimal performance on all mobile devices. Furthermore, to enhance the user experience, meticulous efforts were made to optimize the loading speed, ensuring quick and hassle-free navigation.

To ensure smooth and secure financial transactions for the vehicle reservation process, SunDevs integrated the trusted payment gateway of PayU. This integration not only offers customers a reliable platform for their financial dealings but also complements the overall streamlined experience of the web application.

Communication is the bedrock of successful client relationships. To facilitate timely and relevant communication, an advanced email system was developed. This system was capable of dispatching emails based on the various stages of vehicle acquisition. Whether a client had just initiated interest or was on the brink of finalizing a purchase, the email system ensured they received tailored communication through personalized templates for each funnel stage,  enhancing their connection with the Audi brand.


The Results

In the wake of Audi's strategic collaboration with SunDevs and the innovative digital tools they introduced, the International Motor Show witnessed remarkable outcomes. These results underscore the power of digital engagement in capturing the attention of potential buyers and generating significant interest in Audi's showcased vehicles.

Audi's innovative approach and collaboration with SunDevs yielded remarkable outcomes during the launch of their Q3 line.

Digital Sales Growth: The web application proved to be a significant driver for Audi's sales strategy. Impressively, 28% of the total sales during the campaign period were attributed directly to transactions carried out through the app. This underscores the importance and effectiveness of digital platforms in modern automotive sales.

Impressive Financial Returns from Reservations: The strategic decision to facilitate vehicle reservations through the digital platform yielded substantial results. Specifically, the cumulative value of vehicles reserved through the app reached over 1 Million USD. This feat underscores the tangible benefits a well-implemented digital solution can provide in capturing and capitalizing on the market's financial potential.

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