Hire high-skilled Angular developers

Grow your IT team with high-skilled programmers and proficiency in the English- language. We have the resources and knowledge you need to develop your next Angular project.

Find the right programmer to complete your team

Our developers are selected through a process of cultural and technical interviews. As a result, our developers are ready to inmediatelly contribute on projects.


Hire a semi-senior Angular developer

2-4 years of experience.
Experience with RestFul APIs an.
Knowledge using Typescript, SASS, RxJS, NgRx.
Basic knowledge of component testing.
Basic knowledge of SSR with Angular Universal.


Hire a senior Ruby On Rails developer

4-7 years of experience.
Experience in multiple stacks
Deep understanding of SSR and experience with multiple Angular Universal projects.
Advanced knowledge of unit testing with Jasmine, Karma, Jest or other tools.
Experience building websites with Angular Universal.


Custom requirement

We can help you with any group of specific requirements:

Find a technical lead with a strong understanding of Angular.
Find candidates with experience in specific tools such as Ionic, Progressive Web Apps, etc.


Do you have doubts about how to work with us and our IT Staff Augmentation service? here we have some common questions.

What is the minimum number of developers that we can contract with you?

You can start by hiring from 1 software engineer (Developers, QA, etc).

Will the developers assigned to my project work on any other project at the same time?

It is way more efficient when a developer is committed to one project only. At SunDevs, every assigned team is 100% dedicated to one client only.

How easy will it be to scale a team by 1/3/5 developers?

We have no limits. We can present new candidates to your team in a few days.

What is your pricing structure? What includes?

There is a price range that depends on the seniority of the candidate and the number of developers that you are going to hire with us.

Could you provide any testimonials or references from past or current clients?

Yes, we have worked with companies Cafe Rio, Cinemark, Vision Source, among others.

Still have questions?

Contact us for further assistance.