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SunDevs Recruitment Process


We preselect candidates from applicants based on their resumé, experience and match with the position requirements.


Preselected candidates talk to our IT Recruiters in order to review details about their professional  experience, skills,  aspirations and requirements.


All candidates in this stage go through a technical interview, coding challenge, business case or exercise required, depending on the type of position.


Candidates who pass the technical stage are presented to the client and they can have a round of maximum 2 interviews with the clients.


Final decision is taken and an offer is sent to the candidate(s) selected. Background check, documentation, contract and onboarding process is completed at this stage.

Benefits  & Perks

Full-time and long-term:

Do significant long-term, full-time work with major clients and experienced senior developers.

We are a Remote-first company:

Remote is the new unlimited office snacks. Work from anywhere in the world.

Live Talks & happy Hours:

Be a part of relevant conversations that are useful to you.

Timely payments:

Get paid on-time, every month straight to your national or international bank account worldwide.

Workshops for developers:

Elevate your skills by learning how to achieve your growth path.

Paid Time Off - PTO:

You and your family come first. Get five days off per year to comfort yourself.

All equipments / Tools you need:

We get you cover, We help you finance a premium laptop, headphones and any other tool you might need.

What we value


​​Passion is the trait that really makes a difference in a talent doing quality work and his commitment to the company.

Strong Work Ethic

Strong work ethic turns you into a hard-working, dedicated, and determined person to deliver their best work on time.


The value of a self-confident person is a little underrated. Without confidence, human performance is relegated to untapped potential. Without confident people, there is no action and no influence.


Reliable people make ideal workers. An accountable person will take charge of his/her work, actions, and results.


Your ambition will display all the qualities of a good employee. We are sure you will deliver great performances, innovate, and will be incredibly dedicated to your job.


Honest people aren’t afraid to voice their opinions, ideas, and frustrations without disrupting the work environment.

Critical Thinking

Great talents exhibit the necessary critical thinking skills. Thinking critically is the skill set of looking at a problem and coming up with a logical solution.

Great Communication skills

Having good communication skills is undoubtedly one of the most essential qualities of a good coworker. Having a good set of communication skill sets can often set candidates apart in the hiring process.