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Staff Augmentation Services

What is Staff Augmentation?

When you need the right people in the right role to keep the business operating efficiently and effectively, we are able to assist.

There is no limit to the skill set, experience level, pay scale that we cannot meet with a very quick turnaround. Our recruiters have years of experience and vast international networks at their fingertips.

What is Staff?
What is Staff Augmentation?

Why SunDevs?

We ensure you are introduced to a selection of top candidates within 1 business day at extremely competitive rates.

Model Recruitment

Our recruitment process is based on testing the different skills of a person using tests for each of the dimensions necessary to cover the position.
Staff Augmentation services in United States and Latam
  1. 1

    Identify Requirements

    Do not leave anything to chance, we carry out the chosen permissions lifting the requirements on the part of the client.

  2. 2

    Profile Presentation

    Profile Validation Soft skills and Tech & English Tests.

  3. 3

    Profile Validation Soft skills and tech & english

    We don’t work with any talent we wouldn’t hire ourselves. That’s why we personally interview every engineer on the platform and verify their skills.


Constantly we are improving the skills of our team, encourage them to work in challenging projects and trending technologies.

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You're in good company

We have worked with global companies from The United States and Latam, providing them strategic 360 solutions.
CinemarkAudi ColombiaGrupo ÉxitoPorsche HoldingLeapfactor

Value Proposition

We are a software factory with time zone similar to United States and Canada
Time zone match

Find teams that work in time zones that are convenient for you, be it the United States, Canada or Australia

Hire software engineers with more than 3 years of experience in Latam

Our resources have an average of 5 years of experience in the industry and fluent English

Our software developers can be hired in Latam or any other country
Co-located teams

The developers can work from our office where we deliver good machines and high speed Internet

You will have a dedicated manager
A Dedicated manager

A 24/7 Customer Success Manager that facilitates communication between two parties

You can hire software developers in latam with a flexible pricing
Flexible pricing

Our sales team will always negotiate to find a rate you like, and discounts for annual contracts are standard

Our company have knowledge about legal aspects of hiring developers in Latam
Legal aspects

Don't worry about the legal aspects. SunDevs handles recruitment processes

Companies satisfied with this service

We have become a reliable provider of IT solutions for some companies; Here you can read the stories about how we solved some of the main problems of our customers.
Case study of BitGra Labs (Staff Augmentation Services)
BitGray Labs

BitGray Labs

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Case study of Leapfactor (Mobile applications and IT Staff Augmentation services)


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Case study of Cinemark (Mobile applications and webpage)


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