Revolutionize Telco Customer Service with AI Assistants

Deliver fast, effective support for high-volume queries. Free up agents to focus on complex tasks and high-value interactions with AI-driven virtual assistants.

Explore the Benefits We Offer for Telcos

Discover how our AI Conversational Platform can address your key challenges and elevate the customer experience.


Manage Customer Inquiries Seamlessly

Automate responses to frequent customer queries, reducing wait times and freeing up your support team to focus on complex issues, ensuring a smooth and efficient customer experience

Time Span

Boost Support Efficiency

AI-powered virtual assistants handle routine tasks like account updates and service inquiries, minimizing errors and improving the speed and accuracy of your support operations.


Maximize Sales Opportunities

Leverage AI insights to analyze customer profiles and behavior, offering personalized product and service recommendations that boost upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Group Task

Improve Customer Engagement

Implement AI-driven chatbots to streamline communication for corporate sales and service inquiries, ensuring timely and comprehensive information delivery to your customers

Security Shield

Strengthen Trust with Secure Transactions

Utilize AI to efficiently validate payments and detect fraudulent activities, providing customers with a secure and trustworthy service experience.


Achieve Significant Cost Savings

Conversational AI reduces customer service costs by 40% to 70%, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives. By automating common queries, it allows agents to focus on complex, high-value tasks, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing attrition

Most common automation use cases for Telco

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Instant Order Status and Escalation via Virtual Assistant

Track and escalate orders quickly


Phone-Based User Identification for Seamless Assistance

Identify users by phone instantly


AI Virtual Assistant for Product and Service Queries

Answer product questions efficiently


24/7 Claim Support with AI Virtual Assistant

Round-the-clock claim assistance


Automated Order Status Updates via CRM Integration

Automate order updates via CRM


Automated Invoice Retrieval and Email Delivery

Email invoices automatically


Automated Billing Address Update via CRM Integration

Update billing info easily

Customer Support

Restart Internet or cable service

Quick service restarts

Customer Support

Schedule Technical Visit

Easily schedule tech visits

Customer Support

Request service transfer

Streamline service transfers

Ready to Transform Your Telecom Operations?

Integrate SunDevs AI Conversational Platform to enhance customer interactions, streamline support processes, and drive business growth


Find answers to common questions about our AI integration with HubSpot.

What its Lucy?

It´s a Modular AI-powered Communication Platform (LLM) that can be deployed across major messaging channels to enhance customer experience (CX), increase sales, and reduce support costs.

What is the main objective of Lucy?

Connect brands and customers, boosting sales, enhancing user experience, and optimizing support levels.

What is the average implementation time?

In the case of implementing an assistant through a text messaging channel, it can take between 2 to 3 months depending on the complexity of the use cases and integrations to be performed.

What is the pricing model?

Each POC (Proof of Concept) has a different value because it depends on the scope, taking into account the integrations to be made as well as the number of flows to consider and the modules to use. Generally, the pricing is divided into three parts. The first is the cost of the POC, which is a one-time payment and for which there are payment options available. The second is the monthly maintenance fee, which allows us to provide first-level support to the client. Lastly, there are variable platform costs, such as ChatGPT, Meta, etc., and these are completely transparent to the client.

What is the difference between Lucy and a chatbot?

A chatbot typically follows scripted responses for specific tasks, while Lucy is a modular communication platform that employs advanced algorithms, natural language processing, and machine learning to provide personalized and dynamic assistance across a broader range of functions.

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