Transforming the Cinema Experience in LATAM

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── Introduction

Cinemark, a titan in the global entertainment industry, has carved a niche for itself across the cinematic landscapes of Latin America. With an influential footprint spanning countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, it has become synonymous with exceptional movie-going experiences.

However, in a rapidly digitizing world where customer expectations are ever-evolving, resting on laurels wasn't an option for Cinemark. The call was clear: embark on a pioneering digital transformation journey to further magnify the allure of the cinema experience.

Enter SunDevs.

Joining Cinemark in this ambitious mission, SunDevs emerged as a cornerstone partner, bringing its tech prowess to the table. Armed with a vision for the next-gen cinema experience, our collaboration covered Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Central America. With a blend of SunDevs' innovative solutions and Cinemark's industry acumen, the duo has set out to augment sales, escalate customer engagement, and amplify overall user satisfaction.

Together, we're not just reimagining; we're architecting the future of entertainment.

── The Challenge

For an industry stalwart like Cinemark, transition is never simple. The task at hand? Overhauling an antiquated tech stack in favor of a sleek, tailored solution. This metamorphosis, spanning across diverse nations, demanded more than just technological agility—it called for strategic foresight, meticulous planning, and a deep dive into both potential pitfalls and prospects.

But technology wasn't the only maze to navigate. In the corridors of decision-making, a murmur of skepticism arose. Shareholders, anchored to the familiar, showcased an initial hesitancy towards this digital leap. This added another layer to the challenge: ensuring not only the effectiveness but also the compelling appeal of this fresh blueprint.

It wasn't just about innovation; it was about orchestrating a symphony of change in which every note resonated with purpose and promise.

── The Approach

At the heart of any great endeavor lies collaboration. And when SunDevs, armed with a formidable brigade of experts in Vista management, software development, and project management, united with Cinemark, it was clear that this was not just another project; it was a defining moment in digital evolution.

Vista—the nerve center of this operation, is a sophisticated platform specialized in the world of cinema operations. From streamlining ticketing and scheduling to orchestrating concessions and managing a vast customer base, its capabilities are expansive and cutting-edge.

But merely having a powerful tool is not the endgame; it's how you wield it. And that's where the synergy between SunDevs and Cinemark shone brilliantly. Together, they meticulously sketched out a roadmap for Cinemark's digital metamorphosis, with Vista as its beating heart. SunDevs, leveraging its global expanse and unparalleled expertise, didn't just offer solutions—they sculpted digital masterpieces. From bespoke websites to intuitive apps, every piece of the digital puzzle was tailored, keeping in mind the distinct nuances of each country's market and demographics.

The Results

The partnership between Cinemark and SunDevs wasn't just about digital facelifts—it was about tangible, measurable transformations. The partnership's achievements were nothing short of astounding, reshaping the very contours of Cinemark's digital footprint.Here's a snapshot of the monumental success:

Unprecedented Sales Growth: Cinemark experienced a meteoric rise in sales via digital channels, witnessing growth by 20X in the span of just two years across 12 countries.

Massive Transaction Handling: Over 2 million transactions were processed. This not only stands testament to the effectiveness of the solutions but underscores their immense scalability.

Stellar App Feedback: With ratings soaring over 4 stars in app stores and being spotlighted amongst top-tier entertainment apps, the user response was overwhelmingly positive.

Seamless Integrations: The system adeptly managed over 25 integrations, inclusive of 5 major payment gateways, ensuring frictionless transaction experiences.

Expansive Digital Portfolio: Management and optimization of 12 user-centric apps and 2 dynamic websites for an enriched end-user experience.

Cinemark's digital triumph wasn't mere chance. SunDevs, with its expertise in Vista management and software development, was instrumental. Their collaboration spurred Cinemark's sales to surge over 20-fold swiftly. In essence, SunDevs' tailored solutions were the linchpin of Cinemark's digital milestone.

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