We are creating the global standard for finding & developing talent.

Juan David Rodriguez

CEO, Founder

Fabian Leon Ortega

CTO, Founder


Juan David Rodriguez and Fabian Leon Ortega had been working together for one year in the Software Development industry when they decided to take all their savings and return to Fabian's hometown in Puerto Salgar, Cundinamarca and create a company of technology from scratch with people who did not know how to code.

Since then, they have been pursuing the mission of finding and developing the vast amount of untapped talent from Latin America and connecting them with the greatest challenges of the moment to help humankind to progress towards a better future.

Our Values

Do things that move the needle

Business is about results. In software development, this means understanding what to work on, when, and how to make those decisions so they provide the most value for our customers.

Ownership and autonomy

Great teams feel ownership and responsibility for the outcome. They act as owners leading the solution from the beginning to the end of whatever be the challenges that stand in their way to deliver value to the customers.

Build the right team makes things easy

The quality & caliber of your team is everyone's responsibility. You participate in the hiring process to ensure every new hire elevates the average level of performance and technical level of the team. Everyone in the team agrees that it is easier to deliver results in a team with the right balance of skills, experience and attitude.

Pursue the operational excellence

High standards are contagious; the opposite also is true. Great teams are continuously asking themselves how they can improve processes to deliver high quality products and services to our customers. Great Teams ensure the problems are fixed and stay fixed.

Respect the process and be accountable

We understand that success doesn't come overnight. That’s why we respect the process and hold each other accountable to the goals and standards we have created.

A Few Data Points


Talent Applications Received


Interviews in past year


Clients Served


Average time to fulfill a developer position


Candidate matching effectiveness rate


Candidates retention rate

SunDevs’ Key Milestones


Officially registered the company in the United States

SunDevs Inc is registered as a legal entity in The United States and we started to work with Startups and leading companies in the US.


We open offices at Bogota and Ibagué Colombia

The staff grew and we started opening new offices in some of the the main cities across Colombia.


We started a strategic partnership with Cinemark

We created a headless e-commerce platform with multiple sales channels to support the operation in more than 11 countries in latin-america. We staffed a team of senior software engineers to operate and evolve the platform over the long term.


210% YOY Growth

SunDevs ranked by Clutch.co as a TOP B2B Company. The revenue of the company hits a new record and our team grew to +80 people.


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