Our mission is to create a better world through technology.

When our founders Juan David Rodriguez and Fabian Leon Ortega left their jobs in the Software Development industry they had a mission: to find and develop the vast amount of untapped talent from Latin America.

SunDevs, connects those talented individuals with the greatest challenges of the moment to help companies progress towards a better future.

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Juan Rodriguez
Juan David Rodriguez


Fabian Leon
Fabian Leon Ortega


Gregory Goncalvez
Gregory Goncalvez

AI Managing Director

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez

Product Manager

Leidy Villareal
Leidy Villarreal

Head of Finance

Yker Valerio
Yker Valerio

Head of People

Erika Vergara
Erika Vergara

Business Development Manager

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Our Culture

The Values We Stand For

SunDevs is constantly challenging its boundaries, and our values are essential to keep us centered and authentic.


Move The Needle

Our team members understand what to work on, when, and how to make those decisions so they provide the most value for our customer. Furthermore, we challenge ourselves daily to refine our decision-making process.

Batch Assign

Ownership and Autonomy

Our team members have a strong sense of ownership and accountability towards the outcome. They approach challenges as if they were the owners themselves, overcoming any obstacle that may arise to deliver value to their customers.

People Working Together

Build The Right Team

We actively participate in hiring, learning, and sharing feedback to ensure every team member contributes to elevating our collective skills, experience, and attitude. With the right team in place, delivering exceptional results becomes just natural.


Operational Excellence

High standards are contagious; the opposite is also true. Our team members are continuously asking themselves how they can improve processes to deliver high-quality products and services to our customers. Great Teams ensure the problems are fixed and stay fixed.

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Our History

Our Beginnings

2014 - Fabián León Ortega and Juan David Rodríguez founded SunDevs

Financial Growth Analysis
Expanding Horizons

2019 - SunDevs started growing its product teams solutions, serving business operations in over 13 countries

Innovation Driven

2021 - We consolidated our app development solutions and staff augmentation offering

Background Remover
Future Growth

2023 - We developed Lucy, our first generative AI solution