Audi Partners with SunDevs to Increase Sales

Audi, App Development

── Introduction

Audi, a global leader in luxury automobiles, sought out a collaboration with SunDevs, aiming to innovate their promotional strategy at the International Motor Show. This event, renowned globally, boasts participation from the most prestigious automotive brands, offering visitors a first-hand look at the latest vehicle models.

Audi's primary objective for the show wasn't just visibility. It was to effectively capture the attention of potential buyers, garnering the highest number of qualified leads for the cars on display. And what better way to achieve this than with an interactive touchscreen application?

── The Challenge

Audi aspired to offer a seamless experience to the visitors and their advisors at the event. The challenge lay in creating a synchronized database. Whether attendees interacted via kiosks, personal mobile devices, or through Audi advisors equipped with tablets, everyone needed real-time access to the same data. This not only required a robust backend but also demanded seamless integration across various platforms.

With thousands of potential visitors over a span of two weeks, SunDevs had to architect an infrastructure resilient enough to handle peak loads. The system had to accommodate possibly thousands of simultaneous requests without a glitch.

Complex and time-consuming quotation forms can be a deterrent in capturing potential leads, especially in high-paced environments like an International Motor Show. The challenge was to streamline this process. SunDevs had to develop a system to empower Audi's advisors to swiftly generate accurate quotes without navigating through convoluted forms.

── The Approach

Recognizing the need for diversified yet synchronized platforms, SunDevs developed three distinct apps:

  1. A touchscreen-compatible application specifically tailored for kiosk formats.
  2. A mobile-responsive application designed for smart mobile devices.
  3. An exclusive application for tablets to provide Audi's advisors with all the tools they needed. 

To ensure real-time data accessibility across all platforms, FireBase was chosen as the primary cloud service. Its capability to deliver real-time data provided an interconnected experience for every user, whether they were potential customers at a kiosk or advisors with tablets.

And finally, for prompt and efficient communication, a messaging system powered by MailGun was integrated. This enabled the seamless delivery of quotes via email, ensuring users were instantly informed of their potential purchase details.

The Results

In the wake of Audi's strategic collaboration with SunDevs and the innovative digital tools they introduced, the International Motor Show witnessed remarkable outcomes. These results underscore the power of digital engagement in capturing the attention of potential buyers and generating significant interest in Audi's showcased vehicles.

High Engagement with the Applications: During the two-week event, the applications developed garnered significant traction, resulting in over 3,400 quotes. This indicates the effectiveness of digital tools in engaging prospective customers and driving interest.

 Strong Interest in Exhibited Vehicles: The brand's showcased vehicles attracted immense attention, with over 2,500 quotes specifically made for these models. This suggests a successful alignment between Audi's vehicle presentation and the audience's preferences, translating into tangible interest and potential sales.

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