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7 clauses to take into account when hiring a mobile application development company

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When companies hire a software development or mobile application company, they pay close attention to the clauses of the contract. This is because most of the parties tend to not go through with their obligations at some point, especially the developers.

The costs of not determining the clauses from the beginning can make the parties enter into legal proceedings from the beginning, therefore, in any software project these are the minimum seven (7) things that must be determined:

Delivery times

It is essential to understand that the software development process is not always fast, you might have to iterate several times even if the team is experienced, running software tests, correcting errors, and finding the best solution to solve a problem, are just some of the tasks that a work team faces.

Any delay in delivery implies extra work hours that are normally charged to the customer (in some cases) so it is essential to avoid this type of situation.


When there are delays in the progress or delivery of the project, extra hours can be done, and as said before, normally they are charged. In their willingness, developers sometimes make estimates and not exact dates to avoid this type of inconvenience, which is a good practice as long as the client knows the status in which the project is at. Some software development companies create financial bonuses to motivate their employees when they are on time with good work.

Payment calendar

Customers must know that development companies need money to make their programmers work, so establishing the correct percentages from the beginning is a good practice. This may be subject to the number of months it takes to execute the draft.

Property of the code

A common mistake that companies who hire software developers make is that they forget the delivery of the final product, the deployment may be done in the application store, but… what about the source code? Who is the owner? Can the company dispose of it at any time? Of course! Ideally, a repository should be generated in a control system version such as GitHub or Bitbucket, where clients can access and download the source code.


Mobile applications and software generally require security and performance checks, among others. The company must declare the cost of this maintenance, with either a monthly or single payment, the hours of work and the price must both be stipulated in the contract.


Failures are inescapable in most cases; no matter how many software tests are executed sometimes errors simply pass to the production environment. That is why developers must stipulate how many months they will monitor the correct functioning of the mobile application. We must understand that the maintenance and warranty are different, in the warranty, they repair the errors of the programmers or failures that were not taken into account, and in the maintenance, it has to do more with the actions that must be executed for the proper functioning of an application.


No matter how small a project is, the software development company should be ethical and should ensure that the teamwork members maintain the source code, and do not publicly disclose it in other places. In addition to information on the infrastructure, operation, and others, they should be careful to avoid disclosing it with other people outside the company.


Developing a mobile application is very volatile, in the sense, it is always a possibility that the team can fail or misjudged the estimated times, even when they are experienced, which is why companies who hire these services, must stipulate from the beginning what happens when something is not completed properly.

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