6 errors that disrupt the normal flow of a software project

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When a company hires software development services or mobile applications, many mistakes are made both ends before hiring and during the process. However, these errors occur bilaterally, this means, not only from the company that offers the service but also from the contractor.

Just as in any business, every person who participates in a procedure generates friction points, they extend the filters necessary to accomplish a task, and this is how “bottlenecks” are generated.

Imagine a software company when it requests multimedia resources or documents that the contracting company services must deliver, if they must request authorizations during this process and they spend days and have not delivered these resources, the delivery times of the software company will increase. This is clearly a very superficial example … but it is very real!

This is how the customer does it wrong…

Hiring and choosing a software company is very difficult, so those who are looking for this type of services fall into the following errors both before and after hiring:

# 1 Closing a business too fast

Before you choose a mobile application development company, software, or web, you should evaluate what they are offering… Is everything too cheap? Or did they give a solution too fast? This is relevant because it is an indication that they probably did not take much time to do good engineering requirements and only care about selling the service.

# 2 Poor communication

The big problem for customers of software companies is that they do not know what solution they want, they might know the problem, but solving it is the sole task of the engineers, and knowing how to communicate it, is necessary to be able to do good engineering of requirements.

#3 To think that everything is easy

This happens in any profession; we think that it is easy for a professional to do his tasks because he knows the subject, to some extent this is true. After all, they know the process, but it does not mean that it is easy to execute.

When customers of software companies ask for a change or adjustment in functionality, they should keep in mind that this requires a process, not something that is done automatically. Rushing a programmer implies receiving a bad quality code!

This is how software companies do it wrong …

They sure do know how to ruin it; slow processes, bad programmers, and misunderstanding of the business are just the tip of the iceberg. The ways they do it wrong are:

#4 They don’t schedule efficient periodic meetings.

Methodologies such as SCRUM allow efficient meetings to be organized very well, but when meetings become unproductive it is impossible to find a balance between knowing the status of a project and what the team is failing in.

To solve this, it is worth remembering the three pillars of this type of meetings, where a programmer must communicate the following:

  • What functionalities have you completed?

  • What is stopping you from moving forward?

  • What are you planning to do until the next meeting?

#5 Misusing engineering requirements and not delivering the documentation on time

Engineers know how to deliver some functionality very late, but this is because of poor engineering requirements. Regardless of the time, they use it to fix bugs, including unexpected code adjustments and this entails additional work hours.

#6 Do not estimate development times well

This goes hand in hand with requirements engineering and with the sales team. The competition is high and the companies want to sell right away, which can make them accept jobs that probably require a bigger or better team.

Other common mistakes?

It would be great if you would tell us about your experience in managing a software project. Have you had any bad experience with a mobile application development company?

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