Mar 14, 2023

Accelerating Digital Transformation with IT Staff Augmentation



Digital Transformation Staff Augmentation

Digital transformation is no longer a mere buzzword. It's the driving force behind the restructuring of businesses, industries, and the economy. As companies increasingly shift towards digitalization, there's an intense need to have the right talent in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Here's where IT staff augmentation comes in. By adding the right expertise at the right time, businesses can speed up their digital transformation. Let's delve deeper into how IT staff augmentation can be a catalyst in this change.

1. Carefully Select the Talent

In order to move forward and see the digital transformation  in your company closer each time you will need to implement a strategic mindset that your technological partners are also a part of. You will need an IT staff augmentation partner who is interested and wants to be a part of the process. 

Also, when it comes to recruiting and hiring new talent, the efforts towards transformation need to be taken into account. Ask yourself, what skills and practices will you need to get to the place where you need to be. Even if you currently lack these abilities, it is important to evaluate and take into account the capacity of the new professionals that will arrive at your company and if they will be able to adapt themselves to the continuous efforts towards digital transformation.

Even if you have a partner who is in alignment with your objectives, ultimately it is you who, as a leader, makes the decision of assigning these new talents to your project and who knows all the digital transformation efforts that have been made and those that still need to be implemented. So choosing the right talent has to be your decision after your partner helps you evaluating their technical and cultural suitability. 

2. Support Professional Development 

Another way of accelerating this transformation in your company and creating a productive and reliable development team is by thinking about the adaptation to these new technologies through the worker’s continuous learning. A good option is to implement a learning plan for your team’s professional development.

At this point you can work with your IT staff augmentation partner to draw an educational plan that the members of your team can take advantage of in order to continuously prepare and educate themselves in regards to the technological improvements that are coming up in your digital transformation. 

By supporting your worker’s professional development, you will make them feel more motivated and they will be developing new skills that will benefit your project’s development directly. Implementing this strategy will make the team feel that an investment is being done in their future and that you’re working towards keeping that essential talent in your company for the long term. 

It is also important to make sure your partner is also investing in the professional development of your team members and that he stays committed with their progress.

3. Presenting the Digital Transformation Program 

One of the most relevant actions you must implement is to present your technological vision to your team, share with them that route map they all need to follow to work and reach a digital transformation in the company. That way you will get a bigger participation from your augmented team in the process. 

The ideas you present might arouse an interest in effort and will allow the team members to start working by their own initiative in the direction you have traced. Also, by having a solid and diverse staff that comes from other regions of the world you will have access to different experiences and knowledge that will nurture this digital transformation program.

When you get experienced staff and developers who have previously been through similar challenges, checking with them regarding this transformation plan can bring your project several benefits. It will represent a brain storm that will feed your final objective in a positive way. 

4. Implementing Agile Software Development

A way to make digital transformation and your IT team meet each other is by implementing agile project management. If your team is currently not following this process and they need guidance, you can provide the developers, quality assurance professionals, business analysts and those with assistant roles with training to help them implement it.

It is important that the project’s delivery is guided by the implementation of processes and ceremonies of agile project management such as Kanban or Scrum. For that, it will be essential to certify all your team members and evaluating your IT staff augmentation partner’s commitment with these models. 

These agile models shorten the development time and create a cooperation environment so that the internal parts keep in touch with the members of the remote team. When integrating an agile software development you seek constants and quicker work, with established delivery deadlines. The advantages of using these methodologies include improving the quality of the deliveries, the production cycles are shortened and there is a bigger promptness due to the increase in productivity. 

The agile development model you must implement will be chosen according to what suits your expected results best, the project’s core and the team’s state. Before making a decision it is important to verify if the chosen method leads to the desired results. 

5. Effectively Manage Change 

Finally, by hiring the right people, supporting the investment in their professional development and sharing your route map towards digital transformation with the entire team, you will build an effective management of change.  However, you will also need change agents that support and make the transformation process easier in the company. 

These agents are motivational people or teams that can inspire all the members towards being receptive to new ideas and help reduce the risks associated with change resistance. You need to start looking for them among your internal and augmented team. In this last case they must have an adaptive and positive personality. 

Think about this, if your digital transformation is actually ambitious, you need to make an effort and evaluate all the team members to know who can perform this function.

The Best Partner to Support Your Digital Transformation Strategy 

Whenever you want to implement successful digital transformation projects, you must take into account that they need a specialized combination and accelerated innovation, foresight of the change and overcoming of requirements. 

In order to grant a full implementation of this vision, your organization needs the type of support and experience only a reliable software development team can provide. With a good IT staff augmentation partner, that is part of the digital transformation strategy, your projects will include experienced professionals with a wide knowledge about several technologies and processes. 

You will be able to work with team members that will help you build an innovative vision to help rebrand your business model for the future. If you want so, you’ll have access to highly qualified software developers and other talents such as: business analysts, scrum masters, quality assurance engineers and all roles necessary for the implementation of your digital transformation strategy. 

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