5 signs that your business needs a mobile application

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For a while now, companies entered the trend of using mobile applications in their businesses; however, many of them decided to use them to “be there” and show themselves as innovative companies. But having a mobile application goes far beyond having a platform for informing customers of your products or services; Thinking this is a big mistake, a mobile application should be an investment that generates income and not an expense.

Know to identify urgent and high-impact problems from those important but not necessary problems.  There are important decisions that influence not only the costs but also the efficiency of the company’s processes. Also, you must consider each variable that tells you when to hire a mobile application development agency.

Identifying problems: the difference between the useful and the necessary

when we go to an electronics store we think differently than when we go to the supermarket, in the first case many times we can postpone the purchase of computers, mobile phones, or even appliances, we know that, although they are useful things that we can use in our daily lives, we don’t necessarily need them to live, on the other hand, we know that if we don’t buy food to consume, we are going to get sick, so just thinking about whether we need them or not is almost ridiculous.

Something similar happens in companies; No matter how much revenue a company has to spend on seemingly useful things, they will not always need them or will be something that generates good performance for their business model. “Companies that truly need a mobile application need to identify the need to automate, simplify, and manage the tasks better than what humans do manually”.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, here are the top five (5) signs to that will show the company whether or not it needs a mobile application:

#1 Slow tasks and other manual processes

Humans are slow, nor do we process as much information as we would like, although machines are different, they can run several tasks at once and handle huge amounts of information effectively. If a company invests resources in having its employees do manual tasks such as generating paper reports or collecting information in spreadsheets, it is an important sign that they need to automate those processes.

#2 Information available in one place

Today more than ever we need to analyze data anywhere, and mobile applications are the perfect device for this. As long as the information can be presented in reports that can be read on small screens, they can be an important factor to take into account.

#3 Tasks with an extensive step list

Humans are ineffective working, so much, that if we are not sufficiently smart, we get to do manual tasks with long processes for a long time if we do not know any way to simplify or reduce the number of steps necessary to do a task. Mobile applications have been made for this, created for devices with limited screens and memory, making programmers have to be ingenious to simplify many things.

#4 Few sales channels

This is one of the signs that most companies take as an excuse to include a mobile application within their business model. Not to be wrong, mobile applications represent a new sales channel for many companies, but only if they simplify the task of buying or acquiring their customers; for example, if the application provides the ability to pay without going out or ordering, it can become an efficient prospect for the generation channel.

#5 Inefficient communication between employees or customers

Traditional applications like WhatsApp or even Skype or Hangouts have been very useful in companies, but sometimes transferring information, sending reports that can read multiple users, or managing meetings is difficult by these means. Not only do internal communications are solved by mobile applications, but communication with customers should always be able to be agile and especially quick, as a result, the ticket system will respond to incidents to avoid bottlenecks in that communication. Making this a great idea.


Knowing the difference between useful and necessary is paramount for a company, this will allow you to choose if you need to hire a mobile application development company to improve the processes. Identifying the signs like what processes are needed manually and require many hours of workers, information that isn’t easy to access at whatever time and place, tasks with a lot of steps to be done or ineffective purchasing methods are clear indicators that your company needs an app.

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