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The best way to offer and sell your cinema concessions.

Turn every conversation into a sales opportunity as sweet as your products.

Boost sales with artificial intelligence!

Detail your products
Add illustrative photos of the sweets, popcorn, snacks, drinks and combos..

New sales channels
Sell ​​through the most popular messaging apps in the world.

Personalized interactions
Reflect the identity and voice of your cinema in every interaction.

Avoid lines in-store
Users will obtain a QR with the purchase note to collect their order.

Powered by OpenAI GPT-4’s advanced language model

We transform your concession stand into a digital store powered by artificial intelligence that will add an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience to users, increasing their satisfaction and your sales.

What can Lucy do?

Hi, welcome back!
She remembers likes and user preferences.

Catering globally and diversely.

Immediate payments
Secure payments via messaging.

Her charming personality creates bonds with clients.

Available on WhatsApp, Telegram, website, and more!

Always available
Ready to help 24/7 ensuring customer retention and satisfaction.

Ready to increase the potential of your concessions?