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A platform that monitors your business

Status is a platform that is responsible for ensuring that all business strategies are operational in your digital products

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Monitoring web services. Identify disruptions on your services and run checks periodically.


With data collecting, you can get repports with estimations about your losses.


Send an email, SMS or message via Slack when web services are down or bussines rules have been broken.


We can create custom verifications to test your bussines rules and check when these rules have been broken

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More than just reporting problems in your web services and business rules

With Status, you will get multiple logs about the error details and the consequences of the incident if you left unfixed, and also, you will be able to see a full guide about how you can fix the problem.

Detailed solution
Error details
Description of consequences
Staff Augmentation services in United States and Latam
  1. Read the case of Cinemark

    Cinemark Latinamerica needed a solution to make the inventory of their resources and report the constant problems they had with them. Learn how this product helped to get the best performance of their team.

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