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A platform for incident management.

Repporta is a platform that allows effective tracking of incidents from the beginning to its solution

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Manage your incidents effectively


Manage your processes and audits through the platform and take control of improvement plans.


Schedule task and assign to your team.


You and your co-workers can receive notifications about the more important task and keep informed.


Visualize charts with reports about your incidents reported

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We understand your main pains and we fixed them with our product

Our product has been developed based on the problems of some of our clients and today, has become one of the most representative solutions we offer.

Report issues
Time tracking to fix a problem
Prioritize tasks
Organize your team

¿How easy is it to use it for an auditor?

Repporta not just have intuitive User Interfaces, is also an application widely documented. Your team will learn to use it in a short time.
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    Add incidences

    Schedule visits and adds pending tasks to solve. You can assign various levels of priority.

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    Manage task status

    Once you have registered tasks, you can visualize a list of pending tasks and change their status easily.

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    Follow the progress

    You can follow the progress of an activity without losing details in the process and solve incidents the right way.

Software available for multiple devices

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    Web browsers

    You will have a full solution compatible with the majority of modern browsers. Speed is something you will be impressed with, is not just easy to use, also will have a good performance.

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    Native mobile app

    With the mobile app, you will be able to empower your auditors allowing them to take all the features of the web application, in a native mobile app for iOS and Android.

Staff Augmentation services in United States and Latam
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    Cinemark needed to reduce costs and avoid long lines providing in the movie theaters, with Kioscos their clients found an easy way to buy tickets.

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