Join our partner referral program

Refer new clients to SunDevs and earn a monthly rate of 10% of the project value

Partners program

What is it about?

When you refer a new client to SunDevs, and this client hires our staff augmentation services, you will earn 10% per month of the contract value.

This program is designed for code academies, recruiters, and software development agencies, who want to grow and expand their offer, accumulating experience with SunDevs, if you are looking to accelerate your growth, we want to help you.


Win more opportunities, we make sure to introduce you to a group of candidates within 48 hours of the recruitment process. (before the termination of the contractual and confidentiality process).


Grow your client list in other markets, we can build teams that work in time zones that are convenient for you, be it The United States and Canada.


Enhance the customer experience, we assign a customer success manager to each account for 24/7 availability to meet your needs and requirements.

Join our referral program

Send us a message through the next contact form and we schedule a meeting to talk about our partner referral program.