How SunDevs Works

At SunDevs, we combine our proprietary matching technology and human acumen to create fulfilling connections between our customer's challenges and the talent they need.


Initial Screenings

As you know, a resume is a piece of marketing collateral, not a promise of quality. We review the technical background and validate the previous work experience of every developer that applies without exception. We try to discover what are they looking for in a job as well as their motivations and aspirations.


English Test and Communication Skills Review

This is comprised of a comprehensive English language and communication interview evaluation to assess if the developer has a strong capacity to communicate in a clear and efficient way.


In-Depth Technical Skill Review

We test each developer's technical knowledge and expertise. Depending on the role and technology, we schedule an automated test and assign an expert from our internal vetted network to review the results.


Get an Exclusive Job Offer

Our platform will promote your profile to our extensive network of Sales Engineers who will connect you with fulfilling job offers in the shortest possible time.

One step closer to your desired job


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