Case Study: Cinemark

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Cinemark is a group of cinemas property of Cinemark Holdings, Inc with a presence in the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and other 11 countries.

This company has more than 298 movie theaters in the United States and more than 161 in Latin America, and SunDevs have worked with Cinemark developing a powerful infrastructure of applications and strategies to expand the market in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and 7 countries in Central America.


  • Develop a platform capable of operating in more than 11 countries following the rules of each one but in the same way allowing to iterate quickly according to the needs of the business.
  • Integrate with more than 5 different payment processors within the same platform that would allow having the best acceptance rates by country and processing fees.
  • Align with Kanban methodology to the teams of marketing, customer service, IT, operations in more than 7 countries so that the solution was functional and adapted to consumer behavior in each country.
  • Integrate promotions from business partners such as banks, retails, credit card franchises into the application experience.
  • Offer solutions to the customer support department with tools that allow us to meet and be more timely with each of the customer's requirements.
  • Deploy the services in a serverless infrastructure that allows users to scale the services without interruptions.


  • Native mobile applications for each of the 5 territories that Cinemark has in Latin America.
  • Specialized websites.
  • Self-attended points of sale to serve all the physical points of Latin America.
  • Administrative portals to improve customer service.


  • Currently, more than 10 million transactions are made per year through the applications.
  • More than 1 million active users.
  • More than 11 countries use our applications.


At SunDevs we never work with an industry or business which we are not sure that we can transform and generate a high impact, which is why, with Cinemark, we have planned very soon to innovate and provide more of our services, some of the plans in the future they are:

  • Implementing alternative payment methods and virtual wallets.
  • Implementing artificial intelligence functionalities to the platforms developed to improve the recommendation of content.