Case Study: Bitgray Labs

SunDevs Inc supplies experienced and highly skilled resources, making it possible to deliver top-quality products to clients.


In 2019, BitGray Labs Inc and SunDevs established a relationship seeking to subcontract a developer with knowledge in Android and iOS, to build a platform for buying and selling bedroom supplies for students in Canada.

After this experience, BitGray asked us to form a team of two developers with knowledge of Angular, Android, and iOS and to create a mobile application for a fast-growing startup company called Schedulicity, a scheduling and reservation platform for local services. This team was expanded with three Android developers and a QA engineer to work on the application for six months. Due to the good performance of the team, the project lasted three more months, along with the entry of five new iOS developers and a quality engineer.

We are currently working on a new startup that has just built a funding round, in which we will initially provide an iOS developer.


    Ensure proper communication in the team, so that requirements and problem resolutions are adequately portrayed.
  • Provide developers who speak fluent English and can execute their work smoothly.
  • Create strategies that will allow developers to be recruited quickly and teams to work fluently.
  • Ensure that employee turnover is kept at zero and that it does not represent a waste of time or resources for customers and the company.


We have 11 developers working on mobile application development projects, in technologies such as Angular, Android, QA, and iOS.