Case Study: Audi

SunDevs Inc went above and beyond getting to know the company and its consumers, ultimately delivering a product that has streamlined internal processes and provided a more useful database.


In 2018, Audi contacted SunDevs to carry out applications aimed at touch screens that would promote the vehicles at the International Motor Show that same year. The most important brands of the automotive industry in Colombia participate in this event and its focus is that visitors can find the latest models from globally recognized brands.

The objective for Audi was to capture the largest number of interested parties qualified for the sale of the vehicles that were going to be exhibited in said event.


  • Build a unified database of clients at the event, through kiosks, their mobile devices, and Audi consultants through tablets, they could consult the same information, in real-time.
  • Create an efficient infrastructure to attend thousands of requests in a timeframe of approximately two weeks.
  • Allow advisors to quickly generate quotes by avoiding complex and lengthy forms


  • Three web applications: one for kiosk format and compatible with touch screens, another for mobile devices, smart and one for tablets exclusively for advisers.
  • A FireBase-based infrastructure as a cloud service that delivered data in real-time, and a messaging system made with MailGun for the delivery of communications via email, that allowed the user to know their quotes.


Over 2,500 quotes were obtained during the two weeks of the event through the applications created.

The future

In the future, it is hoped to strengthen these strategies to achieve fully online sales models, and thus join other brands interested in implementing them.