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Python Developer


Senior Python Developer

Brief Company History - SunDevs Inc

Hola! SunDevs Inc is a 7 year old company that started in a small Colombian town in Latin America, and is now present in the US with clients across North America. We have two main business lines: (1) Staff Augmentation through Nearshoring and (2) Digital Transformation Projects.

We have about 85 people in total, with the majority being engineers, developers, and product designers. Our growth has come from absolutely killing it on the technical side and getting referrals from existing clients. Cinemark and Cafe Rio are two of our biggest clients that we work with from both business lines.

We believe that the caliber of tech talent is going to dictate the caliber of our future on a global scale. Our mission is to become the global standard for developing and sourcing tech talent - this means matching amazing humans with amazing companies that are building the future (from technology). We’re starting with the talent in Latin America.

Your job

We are looking to hire an experienced Python Developer (5-10 years of experience) to help develop a reporting microservice framework. The ideal candidate has experience with generating Excel files, generating PDFs, working with AWS, and writing Python servers.

Technical skills:

  • Openpyxl - or some form of Excel generation

  • Boto3 - for AWS resource access

  • Weasyprint - or some form of PDF generation

  • Flask

  • Multiprocessing

  • Docker - for deployment

  • GraphQL - soft preference (most APIs even internally use GraphQL)

  • PyDash/Plotly - soft preference

Non-technical skills:

  • Team player

  • Excellent time-management skills

  • Great interpersonal and communication skills

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