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Marketing Manager - Software Dev Firm (C2 English/Native English speaker)


We are SunDevs - a software development and technology company with market presence in both North America and Latin America. The company has grown organically over the past six years and is now in the process of scaling in the North American market. To add to our team, we are looking for a Marketing Manager that has B2B experience marketing for a company that does custom software development. 

Things to note: 

-Copywriting (English) is an important skill -Fully remote position -Experience in the custom software industry is necessary -QSR and Cinema experience a plus

Culture + Management Style 

As a software development company in a growth stage, a big percentage of our team is made up of developers and we’re just starting to add marketing and sales power to the company.

We are a tech startup (a mature on) that is in the process of bringing more structure into the organization and our culture reflects this. We are not bureaucratic, decisions are made quickly, and intelligent execution is highly valued. 

Our culture values making a contribution through your work, enjoying the process and liking who you work with. Working with big companies means high-stakes, high-expectations and that you have the opportunity to work with really intelligent and interesting people. 

We are embracing the use of OKRs as our goal setting framework and all management positions are part of successfully implementing this across the organization. 

Marketing Manager Contribution: 

An individual that helps SunDevs shape their culture through this growth stage and can help create the foundation of a strong marketing department. Additionally, a manager who believes in the power of OKRs and will support the company-wide adoption of this goal setting framework. 

Marketing Background Requirements 

At this stage, SunDevs needs a marketing manager that can develop and implement marketing campaigns that will hit OKR targets. We are in the process of building a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes: -Organic content (website + social media)

-Paid Ads  -Digital PR -Personal Branding for C-Suite Level  -Building an email list  -Industry reports (to improve market positioning/thought leadership)

In this position, you have to be able to turn the high-level company objective into a step-by-step marketing plan and then implement that plan.

You will have whatever resources you need (writers, designers etc.) needed to complete these marketing campaigns. 

Industry Background Requirements 

Custom software development is different from working at large companies like Oracle (who produces a product-oriented software suite). It’s imperative that you have industry understanding of what a custom software development company actually does and how they provide value for their customers. 

If you have experience in the QSR or Cinema industry, this is a plus as we will be focusing on these industries in 2021. 

A Day In Your Life As A Marketing Manager 

-Write an email cadence to tell our network about a YouTube episode we filmed 

-Reviewing the LinkedIn content performance for C-Suite individuals and making recommendations on how to improve 

-Check-in meeting to review progress towards OKRs 

-Content development meeting: Purpose is to develop content strat for Q2

-Researching relevant industry conferences/PR opportunities (& presenting these ideas to team) 

These are high-level activities and we hope that once you’re part of the team, you will take action and execute intelligently on what you think is best. 

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