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How to contract offshore software developers for your next project?

Laura Villa Méndez

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Seeking software developers or a dedicated team that are adequate for your software project is not as easy as it seems. The answer to all the questions that may come up when finding the perfect candidate, who is capable enough to plan and execute his ideas, could only be answered after you have clear which are the needs and the main goal of your project.

What does it mean to contract offshore developers? This model refers to hiring in other regions or countries. If you are looking for a developer who can work in your project, you can do it through a partner or provider, contracting another company to be in charge of doing the due process of selection and hiring or also, seeking developers who work in an independent way. This outsourcing is an option each time more used by companies when it comes to contracting personalized software development services because of the different benefits it can provide.

However, before thinking about the contracting model that can better suit the project you have in mind, first you need to establish some points you can´t lose sight of and that you must have into account before hiring one or several developers through the offshore model.

What do you need to have into account before hiring dedicated offshore developers?

1. To be clear about the project’s goals

It's fundamental that before hiring a developer, the goals of the project you want to do are set and the requirements that must be met by the worker are clear, If the project is planned the right way, you will have jumped over a step and it will be mores simple to find the ideal talent to meet your expectations.

Knowing what you expect out of your project will also help you identify the experience you require only one developer to have or several of them, who will work on the project.

In the case of contracting developers through another company, it is essential to choose a software development partner who is up to date on trends and who has the experience you request. Thinking on your goals first, you will be able to identify the development partner with the correct set of skills to help you reach them.

2. Knowing what abilities you need

The abilities you look for in your team of developers matter a lot, and even though companies are always in pursuit of performance, when hiring a developer talent and skills are quite relevant. In the case of contracting a team of dedicated developers you need to make sure it will have a variety of abilities.

When the time comes to preselect the developers, you can take notice of them counting with soft skills like conflict resolution, precision and attention to detail, social skills that essentially reflect the type of people they are and the way they interact with their environment and its changes. On the other hand, you can also have the hard skills into account, those that allow people to perform a specific task or job, like tool knowledge and the development technologies to work in your software.

3. The development’s cost

A big mistake you can make when hiring offshore software developers is to only pay attention to the prince and make a decision thinking on the cost. It is important that from the start you know how much your project can cost and what your budget is for hiring the developers.

Quality can not be left only in the hands of the price factor. There are times, when trying to reduce costs, in which you can receive a low quality, take a chance on wasting time and even more money than expected, what we don’t want in a project’s development. Nevertheless, subcontracting offshore developers can be definitely done in a profitable way, without your budget being at risk and getting the right talent.

4. Thinking about the product’s security

Security in your product or project is very important, which is why you need to pay attention to the selection of developers who have a wide knowledge and experience in development, for instance, security applications that are completely effective.

Protecting the information systems is primary because web sites and applications are often attacked by hackers, which is why thinking about the security of your product implies thinking about a quality software and that in its development standard methodologies and procedures are implemented for the design, programming and testing of it. These control procedures will help keep the data safe. So, with security in mind, it will be essential to choose developers and the best development practices to create safe web solutions.

5. Communication is key

Do you already know how you want to communicate with your developers or with the provider you choose for this service? It is possible that if you do not have experience hiring offshore developers you are not sure of how it could work. Communication is key to complete your project’s development, if it fails, it is possible that something else will, that is why direct contact with the development team is vital. When contracting dedicated developers through a providing company you will be free to interact with and administrate your team in the way you think is best, and communicate in a timely manner, that way, your project’s development will be quicker and more efficient than you expect.

Freelancer vs. Offshore Software development company

This is a very important decision for your project, determining if you will hire dedicated developers from a software development company that offers the staff augmentation services or if on the other hand you hand to put your project on the hands of an independent developer.

You can find dedicated developers through platforms such as Clutch, but unlike a software development company, the independent professional does not make his hiring process more manageable. Subcontracting of developers from IT agencies offers more benefits compared to an independent developer. These are some of those benefits:

  • An offshore software development company can help you find the best developers in a short period of time.

  • Developers you hire through a provider will be dedicated to work only in your project, according to what is convenient for you and your time zone.

  • You make the payment on a fixed rate or per hour, according to the work provided.

  • A development company adapts to your project and ensures high quality levels.

  • You can pick a front-end or back-end developer with the required set of skills who will adapt to your project’s request, in that way, developing a high quality solution.

  • You will always count with the support your project needs and it will have constant updates.

  • When hiring developers through a company, you will have less confidentiality concerns and legal issues.

  • A software development company allows you to create a long term association in your project, like in others. Is much more reliable and will allow your project to continue to escalate with time.

Qualities to take into account in a dedicated developer

Soft skills:
  • Master teamwork

  • Be proactive and have initiative

  • Have an open mind

  • Manage time properly

  • Be persevering and patient

  • Having a creative and innovative ming

  • Be kind

Hard skills:
  • Data and algorithm structure

  • Programming language

  • Source code control

  • Front- end and back-end programming

  • Work with database

What do you need to have before you hire a developer?

Before hiring one or several offshore developers, you need to make sure all of them clearly understand the project’s objectives and the final goals. You can also think about developing strategies for a communication plan and have the tools you would use for accomplishing that, these can be meant to manage tasks, messaging and videoconference. Also, those to save your source code’s repository.

You must be ready to integrate an agile software methodology and to use tools and technologies your development team will be constantly using. Also, assigning a product owner to your product will help administer the whole team and check that the project is being developed within the established time frames.

Making the decision of hiring offshore developers for your project is a big one, its quality depends on that. However, if you follow the right procedure when hiring a dedicated developer, most likely it will be simpler to find and select those that will suit your business’ requests properly.

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