How to build a successful software development team?

Staff Augmentation


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Finding one or two new members for your software project does not seem too complicated, but this task becomes harder when you need to hire an entire team, that’s why you need to have in mind that the important thing in order to put it together is whatever works for you and your project, not what works for the company providing the IT staff augmentation service.

Whether it is for creating an application, configuring its services in the cloud, or any other IT project, you must hire the best talent available or you could compromise your business’ performance. Up next we will name the main members to build a development team and some tips to hire the staff that will make part of it.  

Main members of a development team:

1. Product Manager: Is responsible for the strategy, planning, implementation and launching of a product, which is why he carries one of the most important roles of the entire team. He needs to push the product’s vision and be the point of contact with the clients, so that at the end, a product that covers all of their needs can be created. Some of his duties are:

  • Search new business opportunities, and watch out for evaluating new product ideas.
  • Detect the client’s needs and desires.
  • Strategically plan the product.
  • Design the product’s roadmap and determine the commercial value.
  • Identify the key point of the product´s building process and determine the best marketing strategy.
  • Establish and execute the launching of the product.
  • Maintain all the teams aligned and plan an implementation schedule.

2. Designer: Is the one in charge of designing the pages the users interact with, which is why he needs to have a wide knowledge on user experience (UX) and on user interface (UI). On the team you can integrate only one professional that would be in charge of both disciplines or two professionals, each one focused on their area of experience. Designers are in charge of making the project look appealing, useful and available for the users. Among his duties we can find:

  • If he is an UI designer, he must focus on the project’s design, and be in charge of the user’s first impression of the product being shocking.
  • If he is an UX designer, this one is oriented towards usability and easy navigation, by creating certain sensations when using the interface.
  • Designers need to create visual assets from the initial concept to the product’s launching.
  • They need to create structures, storyboards, user and processes’ flows, site maps that help to efficiently communicate the designing ideas. 

3. Developer: Is the one who is in charge of launching the product’s software code, turning ideas into reality. You can hire developers depending on the specific requirements your project has and the technologies that will be implemented, since through an efficient recruitment process, it is possible to hire highly qualified developers who count with enough experience to get your project carried out. Some of the duties they comply with:

  • To comprehend the software’s requirement 
  • To refine specifications so that a detailed design can be determined, to implement the functionality required. 
  • To keep the applications productive, correcting mistakes and implementing new functionalities.
  • To optimize the application’s performance.

4. Project Manager: Is the one responsible for making sure all the team members are aligned with their objectives. A project manager is the team leader and is in charge of the timely execution of the project. In order to maintain everything under control the project manager must: 

  • Define and present the project to the working team.
  • Organize tasks and assign them to the team members according to their duties and skills.
  • Establish the objectives that need to be met with each task and set the phase in which each one of those are located in. 
  • Implement changes and solutions when facing possible inconvenients.

How to hire a full team?

We’ve explained which members are essential for your software development team and the main duties each one of them is in charge of, however, you can also think about adding other members such as business analysts, software testers, scrum masters, service designers, among others. That would only depend on what you need in order to accomplish your project.

Finding what you need to reach your goals is not simple and the staff you decide to augment, when building your team, must have the right skills to be a part of the project. That is why you need to have some aspects in mind when hiring IT staff augmentation services:

  • Look for flexibility

You need to find a partner that can offer you, through this hiring model, a lot of facilities for augmenting or reducing your team, without this affecting the contract you have; this is a good sign that you´re working with a partner who can offer you the right conditions for your project. Also, when it comes to augmenting or reducing teams, pursue not having to worry about recruiting, hiring, and the expenses related to full time employees, meaning, look for flexibility in contracting.

  • Not settling for less

Make sure all of the augmented members of the team have the right competencies and skills, that they are suited to conduct the assigned job. Do not settle down with only the necessary, seek for the experience and time of the company that will be your service provider to be exceptional, this can be an indicator of the quality of the work and of the possibility that they would execute an excellent project. On the other hand, you can verify the certifications they own, such as the use of agile methodologies (Scrum), which can represent an advantage for the project’s development. 

  • Prioritize communication

The communication with your augmented development team is key for the project’s success. Every team member needs to be aligned with their objectives and with the different tools they will use to communicate, that way, they will always be connected, leaving aside the idea of remote work being an obstacle. When prioritizing communication, it could be very efficient with the tools and applications correctly implemented to the project.

Find the best team

Hiring not just one member, but several or the entire staff of an IT development team is a very important and wise decision, if you do it with the right staff augmentation service provider. It is indispensable that by the time you hire this team, that can be constituted by a product manager, designers, developers and a project manager, among others, you know how to identify that thing you lack and the right hiring conditions that can be applied.

On the other side, do not forget that when you want to build a successful software development team, you must pursue flexibility for your team, the best skills and implement the best communication way. That way, the project will go far.