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7 soft skills companies look for in a software developer

Laura Villa Méndez

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Coding skills alone do not seem to be enough to get the job in a company. Today, technology and software development companies are looking for a developer with more than the knowledge and technical skills to do a job. They are looking for developers who also have qualities that stand out and make a difference.

A developer with soft skills demonstrates that it is a real asset that generates value for the company. These types of skills essentially reflect the type of person you are and how it relates to the environment and its changes. Companies, then, are interested in knowing everything a developer can learn and what they can contribute to meet their goals. 

A developer who is able to code and know the programming language is a great start; this may indicate how technically qualified you are. However, in the current landscape of what companies are looking for, it is necessary to have other basic skills for a developer to be able to do their job. Here are some soft skills a developer needs to rely on to get a company's attention:

Be nice

Technology and development companies are looking for people who are warm and cooperative. A developer should be kind, shows that he is able to empathize with the people he works with, he listens to their ideas, and is able to give his point of view without hurting anyone.

Increasingly companies are focused less on hiring people for what they know and more so they can contribute to the company as a whole and by who they are. They are looking for a friendly person, that fits well in the company and does not pretend to be someone they are not. You must be yourself!

Knowing how to work as a team

Being able to demonstrate the ability to work as part of a team in different situations turns out to be one of the most attractive qualities for companies. A developer needs to work well with others in order to achieve the objectives of the projects.

While people who are part of a team don't always agree, the key is to work from different points of view to build more successful for the companies.

Be proactive

Having initiative and desire to learn, along with motivation, are essential features that a developer should not lack; this indicates the level of commitment you have to improve every day and learn about the new trends and advances in the industry.

You should be self-taught and prove that you are a developer who does not fall behind and can simplify problems, rather than complicate them.

Having an open mind

When a developer has an open mind, they are more willing to accept new ideas from both their team and customers. While not all ideas have to become something, keeping them in mind may lead to better developments.

It should be noted that communication must be very effective. A developer must also speak clearly and confidently, with confidence in all his knowledge. Also, you should know how to listen to others and be available when someone wants to ask you something.

Knowing how to manage time

Properly managing time allows any worker to focus better and perform tasks more efficiently. For a developer this is essential because of the type of work they do, planning is essential.

The developer must be very organized and prioritize their to-do list, prioritizing the most urgent. By focusing on one task at a time, the work becomes more efficient.


Companies are looking for developers who can keep up with new technologies and exhibit a creative mindset. This skill is a must in application development. Although the development of these projects can be rigid and must be executed with great care and dedication, creativity cannot be separated from it, as it will be fundamental to innovate.

A creative developer will bring new ideas to solve a problem or innovate in a specific field.

Perseverance and patience

It is important to plan, although it should be noted that the development process can be heavy and that many trials and attempts can be failed. A developer should be persistent and patient, because not everything may work at the first attempt.

In conclusion, it should not be set aside that there are also essential technical skills that a person must have to become a good developer. The technology is immense and there are so many new tools, platforms, and languages that, no matter how much experience a developer has or not, what will make it stand out will be to keep up to date with the news and knowledge on how to integrate modern and technical technologies into their work; to finally develop an excellent software product.

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