10 ideas to increase your mobile app downloads

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The world of mobile applications has grown exponentially in recent years. According to an analysis published by the company AppAnnie, the screen time on mobile devices grew worldwide in the first quarter of the year during the pandemic. In China, users' screen time has increased by 30% to 5 hours per day on average since 2019. At the global level, the average weekly time spent on apps and games on android phones grew by 20% in the first quarter of 2020.

Also, in the first quarter of 2020, consumers spent more than $23.4 billion on app stores. There were also more than 31 billion downloads of new applications, an increase of 15% since the fourth quarter of 2019. Because of the current high demand for mobile applications, users are more strict with the downloads they perform on their devices. That's why if you have a mobile app and want to increase its downloads, you need to build a solid strategy to achieve it.

Here are some ideas you could integrate with your plan to increase your app downloads.

1. Work on App Store Optimization (App Store Optimization)

App Store Optimization or ASO is the optimization of mobile applications in the stores enabled to acquire them, doing this to appear in the first search results of users in those app stores, such as the App Store for iOS by Apple, Google Play for Android by Google, Windows Market by Microsoft.

Through this optimization, it is ideal to get users to search for the keywords that are set and find the application at the top of the results list. This makes it possible to generate more traffic and greater conversion of users who download and update an application. 

According to data from a study on online technology consumption by Forrester Research, 63% of mobile applications are discovered through searches conducted by users in app stores. This tells us the importance of improving optimization and gaining visibility, ensuring a better position for the mobile app in search results. 

 2. Use keywords

Incorporating keywords is also essential to perform proper optimization of the mobile app in stores. Before incorporating them into stores, you should perform a thorough and constant investigation of the words that users are most looking for when they are interested in getting an app. The goal is to detect the search volume of those words, their relevance to the app, and not to include those that are already in the title. This keyword selection process will help monitor the progress of your app in the store and also verify what your competitors are doing.

On the other hand, the name you choose for your app also plays an important role in the ranking than it has in the app store. This name must contain keywords from the category to which it belongs, but you must use them creatively and subtly so that it is not seen as spam.

3. Offer a free App

Launching a new free app is a way to increase the conversion rate of your product and make you known at the same time. Users looking for new apps in stores are more willing to download a free app than a paid one. 

You can also think about offering a paid app, increasing in-app purchases, or having some of its features paid for, if this matches your business goal. If you already have a paid app, you can boost its downloads by offering it for free for a limited time.

4. Improving online presence

 It is important to consider the development of an online presence for the brand or company that develops an application. Through a  website and social networks, you can attract and contribute valuable content to potential customers. Based on your company's goal, you'll be able to define the communication channels that work best to achieve it.  

Increasing your online presence will help your app have more recognition and users interested in downloading it. It is relevant to have constant interaction with your audience and build communication channels that are appropriate for sharing relevant content with customers. You need to harness the potential of social media to reach more people who may be interested in what you do and what you offer, and this way, change customer interactions into app downloads.

5. Encouraging user feedback

One of the actions you can implement is to encourage your users to review and rate your app, as this is relevant to the ranking of app stores and to maintain good optimization. Positive reviews and good ratings will help highlight your app. You should discover the right time when users are willing to give you feedback on your work, in this way, you will achieve fluid communication and guide them to leave ratings in the stores.

You can respond to feedback and show your customers that you are interested in their opinions and that you will work to improve the functionalities and services you offer in your mobile app. If the user feels you're considering it, they might also recommend it to others.

6. Locate the App

App localization allows you to reach a wider audience, get more user segments, and demand for places you probably didn't have planned. However, this will allow your product to grow and get more users. Locating an app's tab means promoting it in different regions or countries where you also want to get downloads. For this strategy, it should be considered to adapt your application to different languages, in addition to the native language.

 7. Integrate captivating videos and photos

The visual aspect of an application affects the attraction it generates in users, so it is essential to work on the design of both the icon, screenshots, and elements that are attached in the description tab of the application in the store. These should have good quality and their goal will be to highlight the essential features of your application, taking into account that this is one of the components that users look at the most when they make a download.

Also, including photos and promotional videos from the app and posting them on your different communication channels will allow users to have a closer approach to your app and a clearer idea of what they can find there.

8. Constantly updating the App

Another way to promote your app and get more users attracted to your product is by eliminating bugs and updating frequently. It's important to always troubleshoot issues that users encounter in your app that they mention in the in-store comments. 

Updating the app is relevant to improve negative experiences that may arise, as well as contributing to user loyalty. You should think about offering innovative content, new features that you can add, and features that are attractive and that contribute to improving the usability of the mobile application.

9. Specialized advertising

 If you're interested in investing in advertising, you can create a promotion strategy that helps your potential customers to download and use your mobile app. There are several types of networks where you can promote an ad or you can integrate marketing with influencers, allowing you to promote your app with many users.

You can also use AdMob, a Google mobile advertising network that allows you to promote and monetize mobile apps. Finally, don't forget to take advantage of your friends and family networks. Ask them to spread and share your app with more people, always encourage them to talk positively about your product, and expand your connections.

10. Analyzing user behavior

This last advice involves understanding the behavior of the users, how much money they spend on the app, how much time they spend on it, what functionality they spend the most time in, what time they use it, and what is the ultimate goal. Collecting this information is essential to plan for adjustments that need to be made, updates, and strategies so that more users are encouraged to download the app. This idea also brings together different actions that should be taken into account when promoting your mobile app, besides the other tips that we have given you.

In short, these ideas can help you generate more downloads for your app. Identify what efforts are possible to realize and consider the importance of performing proper optimization. The ASO is not static, so you must closely follow all the updates to maintain an excellent optimization of your app's tab in stores. Make sure to not make many mistakes and always listen to the user’s recommendations, as their feedback is the key to maintaining success and increasing your app's downloads.